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Virtual Seminars

This is a new wave of Seminar training. We hope to bring to you and your staff an opportunity for true strategic planning sessions. These are live online training.  These seminars will be streamed on the following dates. 

As a member this is included in your membership. You will automatically get links emailed to you. You will not need to register. 

2019 Dates 

February 7, 2019

Lessons from Football - A quarterback can’t be successful without a great offensive line, running backs and receivers.  In fact, TEAMwork is vital to the success of any organization. But what does it take to create teamwork?  We’ll learn some great lessons from football.


Cash Diversification Strategies - Today’s Chiropractors are faced with several stumbling blocks that may negatively impact your success.  Declining reimbursement, deductibles so high they likely are never met, capitated plans, rising cost of care, and declining clinic values.  This class will explore ways to increase the cash side of practice and overcome the impact that today’s insurance reimbursement world is having on Chiropractors.


Directed Patient Care - Leading your patient’s to good outcomes requires more than just treating their condition.  Today’s patients want and need to be actively involved in their care. As such, a higher level of patient communication is becoming increasingly important.  This class will work through the concepts of pre-emptive, supportive, and educative patient communication.


Social Media Marketing - One out of every 4 humans on the planet has a Facebook account.  Literally everyone is on social media! As such, social media marketing has become the primary way for businesses to connect to people because it takes your message directly to your target market.  But, you have to know the rules of engagement to effectively play the social media game.


May 2 Classes TBD

August 1 Classes TBD

December 5 Classes TBD

These will be 4 hours of classes for doctors and staff. Prior to the seminar you will be emailed a packet of information for the classes. Including a plan for a meeting with staff after the training. You are encouraged to block you schedule for the day, get out of the office, project through television or projector.  Training will happen in the morning 8:30-12:30 central time. In the afternoon you will find our staff on available for questions and help. 

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